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Wafian's recorders are the first on-set 10-Bit Direct-to-Disk HD video recording systems using the award winning CineForm Digital Intermediate. The HR-1, HR-F1, and HR-2 record to both .AVI and .MOV formats providing you greater flexibility for editing. Wafian optimizes the "Workflow " by integrating directly with editing software products and allowing you to seamlessly move from Shoot-Record-Edit.


Wafian's recorders capture the HDSDI and HD component feeds Direct-to-Disk from nearly all HD cameras on the market. This provides film makers and broadcasters the best picture quality while saving time and money. For example, connect the HR-1 to the Canon XL H1 via HDSDI and record Canon´s 24F mode into beautiful 4:2:2 1080 24P clips. You can also record the JVC ProHD GY-HD100U, 200U, and 250U at 1280 x 720 4:2:2 (24P & 60P).

24P & Slow Motion Effects: Record pure 720 24P or 720 60P from your camera. Using 60p, Wafian's recorders can perform real-time under cranking to give you flawless slow motion effects of 2.5x, 2x, or 1.25x.


The HR-1, HR-F1, and HR-2 are a drop-in replacement for HD Video Tape Deck Recorders.  Recording using Wafian recorders preserves the quality of footage by eliminating color loss that occurs when recording to tape. Wafian systems record both .AVI or .MOV formats.  Review footage immediately after shooting, with the speed and convenience of non-linear access on their touch screen LCD panel.  Monitor your camera´s output real-time on your recorder´s LCD panel or by connecting it to an external DVI, VGA, or HDSDI monitor.  Transfer clips to your editing station over Gigabit Ethernet, Fire Wire, or USBII at 2-3x real time.

One Touch Recording: On-set, time is one of your most valuable assets. That is why we designed the Wafian HR series recorders to be easy to use.  A single button allows you to record or review your footage. The touch screen LCD panel controls provides you creative control by enabling easily access to the settings for recording and through the ability to immediately review the recorded footage.


Wafian DDRs record into .AVI or .MOV files, providing flexibility for editing. The HR-1, HR-F1, and HR-2 utilize the award winning Cineform Intermediate to give you the best recording quality at an affordable price. After recording, the footage is ready to be edited natively using Final Cut Pro, or CineForm´s ProspectHD and Adobe® Premiere® Pro, the world´s first 10-bit real-time HD post-production software.

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