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About Wafian Corporation

Wafian Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of Direct-to-Disk recorders for the film and broadcast markets.  Wafian specializes in creative and innovative products that empower film-makers and broadcasters with high quality, low cost, and efficient workflow options. 

Wafian's solutions improve upon and replace outmoded tape decks with state of the art recorders that allow you to capture up to 18 hours of HDSDI video from virtually any HD camera, directly to disk.

Capturing Direct-to-Disk allows you to bypass camera compression and record full-resolution video, saving you time and money by streamlining your workflow.  Wafian ´s flagship product, the HR-1, allows you to review your footage immediately after recording with the speed of non-linear access on its built-in touch-screen LCD screen. 

The HR-1 is now on-set around the world, providing customers creative control, immediate non-linear playback, and a streamlined workflow.  For more information about Wafian ´s products email us or call us at 858-863-4166.

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